The Beano Weekly Quiz - Stormzy, Ferdinand and a Real Life Super Suit!

28 April 2017

How well were you paying attention this week? Take our quiz and find out!

Image by Red Bull | YouTube

Richard Browning made a real life version of the suit of which super hero?

Image by 20th Century Fox Animation

The Ferdinand movie was announced, but who is the voice of the bull?

Image by Lucasfilm Ltd

We found out that there are secret hidden animals in Star Wars. But what animal? ( here for a hint)


This week's Beano was infested with all kinds of bugs, including Dennis's pet spider! What is his name? (click here if you need a bit of help)

Image by StormzyTV | YouTube

And finally, we discovered 10 important facts about Stormzy. Can you remember what football team he supports? (click here if you need to watch the video again!)

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