The Beano Weekly Quiz – Tough Bugs, Big Sharks and Harry Potter!

How much attention were you paying attention over the last seven days?

4 August 2017

Let's begin!

Image by Warner Bros

Harry Potter celebrated his birthday on 31 July. How old is he?

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Scientists said that a tardigrade is one of the world’s toughest animals, but what is it also known as?

Image by Twitter | RoyalFamily

Prince Philip had a big announcement this week. What’s he going to do?


Deep Blue is the biggest known great white shark – but how long is he? Click here to jog your memory.


NASA are looking for applicants to protect the world from aliens. What is the actual job title?

Image by Twitter | AmeliaLilyOffic

X Factor star Amelia Lily appeared on our TV screens this, but on which reality show? 

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