The Beano Weekly Quiz – Tough Bugs, Big Sharks and Harry Potter!

How much attention were you paying attention over the last seven days?

4 August 2017

Let's begin!

Harry Potter celebrated his birthday on 31 July. How old is he?

Image by Warner Bros

Scientists said that a tardigrade is one of the world’s toughest animals, but what is it also known as?

Image by

Prince Philip had a big announcement this week. What’s he going to do?

Image by Twitter | RoyalFamily

Deep Blue is the biggest known great white shark – but how long is he? Click here to jog your memory.

NASA are looking for applicants to protect the world from aliens. What is the actual job title?

X Factor star Amelia Lily appeared on our TV screens this, but on which reality show? 

Image by Twitter | AmeliaLilyOffic
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