The Beano Weekly Quiz - Wreck It Ralph, Excited Dogs and a Bug Man!

19 May 2017

Have you been paying attention to all the awesome things that happened this week? Yeah? Prove it! It's quizzing time!

Image by Imgur

This dog got very excited about something this week - what was it? You can click here if you get stuck.

Image by Dilcdn

The trailer for Wreck It Ralph 2 came out too! What is Ralph breaking this time? Click here if you really need a clue.


In this week's Beano, what are Dennis and Rodger surfing on? Click here if you're not sure.

Totally Random Questions

Are you…

Answering this question won’t affect your score.

Image by insecthaus_adi

Adrian Kozakiewicz really likes bugs! Where is he from? Click here for a creepy crawly clue.

Image by YouTube | MileyCyrusVEVO

In Miley Cyrus' Malibu Video, what kind of animal (other than Miley) appears in it?


And finally, what did the townsfolk in Time Travelling Troy think that Siri was? If you need to watch the video again - click here!

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