The Giant of Venice!

A giant has popped out from the murky depths of Venice!

Venice, in Italy, is lovely. They have canals instead of roads!

Venice: how lovely

HOWEVER, climate change is causing water levels to rise, which is really bad

Venice, all flooded and messy
Image by Wikimedia Commons | Wolfgang Moroder

Venetian artist Lorenzo Quinn wanted people to think about climate change more, so built a GIANT!

Media by lorenzoquinnartist
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His idea is when anyone see it they'll think about climate change and try to do less to contribute to it all

Media by lorenzoquinnartist
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Other cities need giants with positive messages! Sydney could have one...

An Australian giant with a good attitude

New York would probably welcome a well-meaning giant

A giant American vegetable enthusiast

Tokyo is used to giant creatures like Godzilla but a helpful one would be nice!

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