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The Greatest Show Fleas in the Wild!

The Greatest Show Fleas are never happier then when performing juggling, knife throwing, swallowing swords or something fleasier. The whole of Gnasher’s back is a stage but when they’re not riding around on Gnasher, you might be interested to discover they take regular trips to their original home: The Circus!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2022

The Greatest Show Fleas were first identified living on the main of a particularly aggressive lion and the armpit hair of an even more aggressive lion tamer at a shabby travelling circus.

Lion-taming has since been banned and the only other animal wild enough to challenge the circus skills of The Greatest Show Flea is Dennis’ mutt, Gnasher. But The Greatest Show Fleas still enjoy the occasional trip to the circus!

Hoping to get a chance to perform whenever possible…

Even spending their time flying through the air with the greatest of flease (on a flying trapfleaze!)

Hanging out in the dense growth of the ringmaster’s beard…

And generally just clowning around.

Their circus skills might have come on fleaps and bounds since moving to Gnasher, but it all started in the (Flea) Circus!

One day, The Greatest Show Flea hopes to win a talent contest on BBCFlea.