The Menace Test - Beano 3902

Can you ace our quiz about Beano 3902?

The Menace Test - Beano No. 3902


In this amazing issue of Beano, Bash Street School teacher Mrs Creecher is revealed to be a what? Crack the code to find out the answer!


Hang on! If the Mrs Creecher that Dennis knows is actually a robot, then what happened to the real Mrs Creecher?


In Number 13, what movie does Boris go to see?

Totally Random Question

Who spends the most time on a mobile device in your house?

Answering this question won’t affect your score.

What does Tricky Dicky ask Rubi to invent for him?


Why does Pieface want a less smart smartphone?


In Tricky Dicky's Phoney Prank, what does his text to Darren say?

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