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The Menace Test โ€“ Beano 3903

Can you get full marks our quiz which is all about Beano No. 3903?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  September 20th 2017

Can you earn your stripes this week?

1/6 Roger's on the run

Who helps Roger escape the angry caterpillar?

2/6 The crows knows

In Number 13, what do they enchant to keep the crows away?

3/6 It's a Minnie must-have!

How many new outfits does Minnie wear this week?

4/6 JJ in a jam

Rubi tries to help JJ stretch, but what goes wrong?

5/6 Whizz in a mix-up!

What does Billy Whizz teach us how to make?

6/6 Brains over brawn? Or not...

What's Brainy lost this week?

That's no Beano! Try again!

Close, but can you figure out the other answers?

Blam! You've earned your Menace stripes this week.