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The Menace Test โ€“ Beano No. 3908

Test your Beano knowledge with our scary quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  August 25th 2021

Why does Sidney think it started raining?

1/5 Sidney and Toots standing in a downpour

Why does Sidney think it started raining?

2/5 Sheerluck Bones is on the Run!

Who writes to Sheerluck Bones asking for help?

3/5 Gnasher doing what Gnasher does best

What made the Hound of the Bashervilles so big?

4/5 Dr Throbb the Mad Science Teacher

Who is Mr. Throbb trying to bring to life?

5/5 Sweeney Toots: The Demon Barber on Bash Street

Why was Sweeney Toots ruining everyone's hair?

Ooh dear - a bad score like that HAS given us a fright! Try again!

Close, but can you get the perfect scary score?

Perfect! You could probably tell US a spooky story or two!