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The Solar Eclipse Was Amazing!

We couldn't see much from here, but check out what other people managed to see!

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  August 22nd 2017

On August 21, there was a solar eclipse, when the moon passed directly between the sun and the earth!

Solar eclipse

From here in the UK, we couldn't really see anything. But some people had terrific views!

The solar eclipse

Some people spent it parachuting...

parachuting during a solar eclipse

Six people on board the International Space Station got a really good view...


And people in aeroplanes had a lot to see

The solar eclipse as seen from an aeroplane by NASA's Dr Thomas Zurbuchen
Twitter | @Dr_ThomasZ

Of course, if you couldn't see it, you could always improvise...

the solar eclipse, kind of!
Twitter | @serenaaaaaa13

Luckily, most sensible people obeyed the safety advice and wore special glasses. Most of them...