The Types of People You'll Meet at School!

Every school will have these characters roaming the corridors. Do you know any of them?

The Teacher's Pet

The teacher's pet will, without fail, bring a nice shiny apple into school and leave it on the teacher's desk. More annoyingly, they'll ask a good question seconds before the bell rings and you'll all end up with even more homework. Thanks for that!

Hermione Granger
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The Troublemaker

This pupil will test the teacher's patience as they're always up to no good and try to disrupt a perfectly good lesson by trying to start a fidget spinner competition – or kick a bin over for a laugh.

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The One Who Loves To Dance at Lunchtime

Every lunch break, there'll be someone playing music on their phone and one – there's always one – who'll bust out some sweet moves in the hope they'll be picked for a dancing competition. Which they'll win, of course!

Napoleon Dynamite
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The Sassy Pupil

They're the cheekiest person in school and aren't afraid of showing off their sass to teachers

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The Too-Cool-For-School Pupil

Every school has this character. They'll pretend that everything is boring and that they'd rather be somewhere else. They even wear sunglasses indoors!

Cool Cat
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The Gossip

Got a secret? Then nder no circumstances should you share anything with the school gossip. They love to talk to everyone!

The Gossip
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The Classroom Cruiser

In every class, there'll be one pupil who can't stay in their seat for more than 5 minutes and have a wander and a chat with their friends. 

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