Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed: The Ultimate Dennis Quiz!

How much do you know about Dennis's adventures in Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed? Find out by taking this mega quiz!

Let's go!

In Episode 2, 'Dare Dennis', which of these adults doesn’t greet Dennis in town?

Later on, what type of sausage do Dennis and Gnasher launch?

In Episode 4, 'Raiders of the Lost Sweetie', where does Dennis get his stripey Tongue Destroyer sweet from?

In Episode 5, 'Escape from Azkabash', how does Dennis's gran hurt her foot?

In that same episode, how does Dennis escape the classroom?

Also in Episode 5, What happens at the end of the Beanotown Brawny Bean Race?

In Episode 6, 'Griller Thriller', how does Dennis find Walter on the bridge?

In Episode 8, 'Night of the Living Veg', what does the winning team get for growing the biggest vegetable?

How does Dennis catch Walter cheating?

What smoothie ingredient does Dennis hate?

In Episode 9, 'The Hamazing Hamsterman', which hamster behaviour does Dennis show first? 

What happens to the hamster’s Numskulls?

How does Dennis get into Wilbur’s lab?

In Episode 10, 'Prank Wars', what does Dennis say his nickname is?

According to Ralf, who else in Dennis’s family has the ‘Prank Force’?

In  Episode 12, 'The Fan', which grown-up joins the Dinmakers?

Who almost replaces Dennis and the Dinmakers at their gig?

In Epsiode 13, 'Screwtop Spudswap', where does Dennis think Paul took the professor’s body?

In the Episode 14, 'Are We There Yeti?', where do Dennis and his friends hide the hairy beast?

In Episode 15, 'Super Paul', what does Dennis call the toaster?

How do Dennis, Rubi and JJ get into the factory later in that story?

In Episode 16, 'The Wonder Sausage', what’s the name of Dennis’s super cool new best friend?

In  Episode 17, 'Jurassic Bark', how does Dennis defeat the tank?

In 'The Great Beanotown Bake Off' (Episode 19), how does Dennis prepare to make the perfect pie for Pieface?

In Episode 20, 'Why So Clonely', what happens to clones when a certain amount of time has passed?

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