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The Ultimate Fruit & Vegtable Quiz

Take this epic quiz and test your fruit & veg knowledge

The Ultimate Fruit & Vegetable Quiz

1/8 Vegetable Garden

Which of these is NOT a vegetable?

2/8 Starfruit with faces

Which of these is NOT a real fruit?

3/8 Coconut tree

Each year, more people die from coconuts falling on their heads than from shark attacks – true or false?

4/8 Vegetables with face

What makes fruit and veg green?

5/8 Potatoes with eyes

How much of a potato is water?

6/8 Fruit with faces

What is a raisin?

7/8 Pumpkins with faces

What family do pumpkins belong to?

8/8 Fruit with faces

Which of these has poisonous leaves?

Pineapple on rainbow background with the word awesome

Awesome! You clearly know everything about fruit and veg, well done!

Strawberry on rainbow background with the word sweet

Not bad! You're fruit & veg knowledge is pretty sweet!

Hmm, you know a little bit but you could do better! Have another go!

Banana on a pink background with the words oh no

Oh no! You're a bit clueless when it comes to fruit and veg, but take the quiz again and see if you can learn some more!

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