The Ultimate Little Mix Quiz!

How much do you know about these pop stars?

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There's 4 people in Little Mix – but what are their names?

Little Mix were the first group to win The X Factor. True or false?

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What was the group's original name?

What was the group's first single to reach Number 1?

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How many albums have Little Mix released?

What was the title of their second album?

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What are Little Mix fans call themselves?

Where did Leigh-Anne used to work before joining the group?

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In 2012, Little Mix brought out a range of clothing for which shop?

What is the band's motto? 

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Which member of Little Mix doesn't have a sense of smell?

Jesy has a fear of sandwiches. True or false?

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Jade suffers from coulrophobia. What is that a fear of?

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Stormzy appears on which Little Mix single?

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Jade and Perrie both grew up in which North East town?

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Leigh-Anne has a pet pug called...

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How many times did Jade audition for X factor before winning with Little Mix?

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Little Mix released their fourth album in 2016. What's it called?

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Before her 2011 X Factor audition, what was Perrie was planning to study?

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Who is the oldest member of the group? 

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