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Little Mix Quiz – The Ultimate Fan Test!

Test your knowledge with the ultimate Little Mix quiz! How well do you know Little Mix names, songs and history?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 25th 2017

Are you ready? Good luck!

1/20 Little Mix names

There's 4 people in Little Mix – but what are their names?

2/20 Little Mix Quiz: The X Factor?

Little Mix were the first group to win The X Factor. True or false?

3/20 Little Mix

What was the group's original name?

4/20 Little Mix

What was the group's first single to reach Number 1?

5/20 CDs

How many albums have Little Mix released?

6/20 Little Mix

What was the title of their second album?

7/20 An audience at a concert

What are Little Mix fans call themselves?

8/20 Leigh-Anne

Where did Leigh-Anne used to work before joining the group?

9/20 Little Mix

In 2012, Little Mix brought out a range of clothing for which shop?

10/20 Little Mix
Little Mix | Twitter

What is the band's motto? 

11/20 Someone smelling something

Which member of Little Mix doesn't have a sense of smell?

12/20 Jesy Little Mix

Jesy has a fear of sandwiches. True or false?

13/20 Jade Little Mix

Jade suffers from coulrophobia. What is that a fear of?

14/20 Stormzy

Stormzy appears on which Little Mix single?

15/20 South Shields Customs House

Jade and Perrie both grew up in which North East town?

16/20 Little Mix
Little Mix | instagram

Leigh-Anne has a pet pug called...

17/20 The X Factor

How many times did Jade audition for X factor before winning with Little Mix?

18/20 Little Mix Glory Days

Little Mix released their fourth album in 2016. What's it called?

19/20 Perrie Little Mix

Before her 2011 X Factor audition, what was Perrie was planning to study?

20/20 Little Mix

Who is the oldest member of the group? 

Little Mix

Oh dear! Have another go and see if you can get a higher score. Good luck!

Little Mix

Good stuff! Have another go and see if you can get an even higher score. Good luck!

Little Mix

Great work! Have another go and see if you can get that extra point!

Little Mix

Amazing! You're either in the group or you're the best Mixer in the world. Well done.