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The Ultimate NFL Team Quiz!

How much do you know about American football? Take the quiz and find out!

American Football is like an extra-complicated game of rugby, played by people dressed like motorcyclists. Test your knowledge of the NFL by taking this blam-tastic quiz!

Are you ready?

1/12 NFL logo

What does NFL stand for? 

2/12 Carolina Panthers
NFL | Giphy

How many teams play in the NFL?

3/12 American football field

Which of the following teams were not part of the original NFL?

4/12 An American football logo

Which team does this logo belong to?

5/12 A classic Super Bowl gif
NFL | Giphy

Which of the following teams compete in the NFL?

6/12 An American football stadium

Who won the Super Bowl in 2019?

7/12 A touchdown
NFL | Giphy

How many points is a touchdown worth?

8/12 Field goal

How many points would you receive for scoring a field goal?

9/12 An American football
Lexus | Giphy

Which player receives the ball during a scrimmage?

10/12 The Bears logo

Which city's team are called the Bears?

11/12 An old American football

The NFL began as the American Professional Football Association and featured 14 teams. Which of the following was made up for this quiz?

12/12 The Raiders badge

The Raiders have been based in Oakland and Los Angeles. Where did they move to in 2020?

Oh dear!

Oh dear! Were you wearing a helmet back to front when you took this quiz?

Good try! Why not have another go and see if you can get an even bigger score?

Great job!

Great job! You just missed out on a perfect score. Why not have another go?


Wow! You know your stuff when it comes to the NFL!

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