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The Ultimate Pasta Quiz!

How farfalle can you go in our Ultimate Pasta quiz! If you need to work something out you're allowed to use a paper and penne!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  July 6th 2021

1/10 What country is most famous for pasta?


Farafalle? Which insect is this pasta named after?


Which creepy crawly is Vermicelli pasta named after?


The triangular "Maltagliati pasta" translates to english as "badger hair pasta"Β 


What part of the body is Linguine pasta named after?Β 


6/10 In traditional pasta recipes, which of these foods isn't ever used to colour or flavour pasta?


What word describes pasta that is deliberately undercooked?


What is the most popular type of pasta in Italy?


In the 1760's a group of stylish young Englishmen named themselves after an exotic, new food from abroad. What did they call themselves?


Which one of these ingredients does my dad put in his Spagbol that a real Italian chef would never dream of putting in Spaghetti Bolognese?

Che schifo! Your lack of pasta knowledge is disgusting... It's not supposed to be served with Jam. I demand to see the Manager!

Molto bene! Well done. You've passed pasta school. Have a slice of lasagne!

Β Awesome. Have a second helping of awesome sauce!