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The Ultimate #sidemensunday Video Quiz

Are you a Sidemen nut? Know your Miniminters from your Behzingas? Then put your skills to the test with this epic quiz!

Sidemen | YouTube

In the recent #sidemensunday ‘Most Weight Lost In 24 Hours Challenge’ who won?

Sidemen | YouTube

What happened in the #sidemensunday ‘Barber Shop’ video?


The Sidemen managed to spend $100,000 in 5 minutes for #sidemendunday. True or false?

Sidemen | YouTube

In ‘Sidemen eat food from different countries for 24 hours’ which of the following was NOT one of the cuisines they tried?


In ‘Strangers Roast The Sidemen’ which Sidemen is revealed to be from Guernsey?

Sidemen | YouTube

How many calories do the sidemen try to eat OR burn in a #sidemensunday challenge?

Sidemen | YouTube

In ‘Sidemen Fall Guys In Real Life’ who comes last in the inflatable obstacle course challenge?

Sidemen | YouTube

In ‘Sidemen Go Camping’ who catches a really tiny fish?

Sidemen | YouTube

In ‘Sidemen Go Back To School’ what is Vik scared of?

Sidemen | YouTube

In ‘Sidemen Play Hide & Seek In A Theme Park’ which theme park are they at?

Sidemen | YouTube

Amazing! You got a PERFECT SCORE! You clearly know your Behzingas from your Miniminters! Current YouTuber level: EXPERT. A very impressive result, well done!rn

Pretty good
Sidemen | YouTube

Pretty Good! While not an absolutely PERFECT score, you certainly know your Sidemen. A very respectable result. Great job!

Not so hot!
Sidemen | YouTube

Not so hot! You didn’t get that many right, but you gave it a GOOD TRY! Why not watch some Sidemen Sunday vids and try again?

Oh Dear!
Sidemen | YouTube

Oh dear! It looks like you you need to swot up on your Sidemen trivia! Never mind, why not retake the quiz and improve your score?