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The Ultimate Survival Skills Quiz

Can you survive in the wild wilderness? Find out in our Ultimate Survival Skills Quiz!

Can you survive in the wild wilderness? Find out in our Ultimate Survival Skills Quiz

The battle for survival starts now…


It's morning and still no sign of the rescue party. What's the most important thing you need to find?


What is the best source of water?


Lost in the Australian bush. You've seen people eating grubs on TV. Where do you find them?


You're full of delicious maggots and your water bottle is full. Night is drawing in and it's getting chilly. What now?


You need to light a fire. You've got matches but no tinder. What can you use?


Lost in the bush. A crocodile is chasing you. There are no trees. What are you going to do?


You're lost in the forests of the Rocky Mountains. What danger are you most likely to find in a cave that smells of wee?


Which isn't a direction you might follow on a compass?


Your car breaks down on a desert road. What now?


Which tool is the least useful on a jungle expedition?


You are lost in the Arizona Desert. You hear a rattle coming from some scrub. What do you do?


What might you see in the desert (that isn't really there)?


What is a machete?


Which one of these have been used to navigate across the seas?

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Which one of these people is the real ex SAS explorer and TV star

Oh dear! You're the sort of person who'd get lost in their own bedroom!

Not bad! You make it home safely but not without some cuts and scrapes along the way.

Survival Expert! You're more Bear than Bear Grylls!