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The Weirdest Animals Ever!

What on earth are they?

Beano Team
Last Updated:  April 28th 2017

Softshell Turtle

As their name suggests, their shell isn’t hard like other turtles – it’s a bit leathery. Oh, they have a pointy snout too! 

Yeti Crab

This flamboyant crustacean lives on the Pacific Ocean floor and was only discovered in 2005. They’re about 15cm long and can grow food in their silky bristles.


This bird's name  sounds like someone sneezing the word ‘potato’ – but there’s more to the big-mouthed birds than that. Potoos – bless you – hide from predators by sitting on a tree and use their feathers to resemble a thick branch. Amazing!

Glaucus Atlanticus

The Glaucus Atlanticus is a type of sea slug which can produce a more deadly sting than the Portuguese Man-O’-War jellyfish. In Germany, they’re called Blaue Ozeanschnecke oder Seeschwalbe


Jumping Spider

These eight-eyed critters can jump 50 times their own body length. Experts say there are almost 5,000 different types of this kind of spider.

Toadhead Agama

This lizard uses their curled tail to communicate and pulls this scary face to ward off any enemies. They're also called Toadheads because, well, they look a bit like a toad.



This walking fish can be found in the lakes of Xochimilco, Mexico. And those feathery pink things? They're its gills, which helps it breathe underwater. It looks pretty cool, doesn't it?


This antelope is about the same size as a sheep and uses its big nose to filter dusty air during very dry summers.


This miserable lump lives at the bottom of the sea off the coast of Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania. It's also the mascot of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society! Poor thing.