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The Weirdest Christmas Gifts!

These presents are WEIRD! Who would even want these?!

Look at this weird bum bubble blower

Bub L. Breezer

Would you rather that or some fish sandals?

waldpcraik6868 | ebay

Or a ring of teeth?

ConcaveOblivion | etsy

Does bacon popping candy sound appealing?

Then you’ll love this…Bacon popping candy!

Treat Factory

Aww stop your dog getting wet and smelly with this stylish dog umbrella


Or have some fun with this dog food shooter!


Or pretend your Meghan Markle with this Harry picture to stick on your window!


These best friend lamp lights up that when your best friend turns them on. Awww!

Long Distance Touch Lamp | John Harrison and Vanessa Whalen

Or if you want to be mean, get them a stuffed mouse sitting on the toilet?

ThisIsMyDesignSkulls | etsy

These are all too weird. We’ll stick to something simple. Socks!

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