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The World’s Most Awesome Jet Packs!

Ever wondered what it's like to be a bird? Well, wonder no longer because these flying machines are coming to a sky near you...

We all want to fly, but flying without wings? No Chance!

But that was before jet packs got really cool. Now you can fly as high in the sky as you like, as long as you’ve got the right kit, that is.

So which one would you choose to travel in?

Daedalus Flight Pack

It’s a Guinness World Record winner and it’ll get you where you want to go, fast!But be careful, there’s a lot of fire involved and you don’t want to get your fingers burned.

Guinness World Records | YouTube


Imagine you could glide over the water, like some kind of bird. A seagull, perhaps? Well, with the Flyboard, you can! And you don’t even have to eat fish! Unless you like fish, that is.

Flyboard | YouTube


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Jetman. Actually, Jetman is a real man from Switzerland called Yves Rossy, but he sure can fly.

EAA | YouTube

Flying Samurais

If you find flying too boring, why not liven things up with a good old-fashioned sword fight?Well, because it’s incredibly dangerous, that’s why! But it didn’t seem to stop these two chaps giving it a go.

Soft Bank | YouTube

Fortnite jet pack

Okay, so you can’t actually wear this one in real life, but who cares when Fortnite’s so fun to play?Only trouble is, these pesky packs are so hard to find, it’ll probably be bedtime before you manage to take-off!

Jimbothy | YouTube