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There’s A New Doctor Who Game Coming!

Doctor Who Infinity is on its way, and we're so excited!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  September 29th 2017

TARDIS at the ready...

Doctor Who Infinity is the follow-up to Doctor Who Legacy, which started off back when Matt Smith was the Doctor but kept having new levels added. There's something like 120 hours of puzzle-based gameplay in there now!

Lots of the new game is shrouded in mystery, but we know a few things

It's still going to be puzzle-based, but in a bigger, more amazing way, featuring stories written by some brilliant Doctor Who writers!

Here's the "cover" of the first story...

Mike Collins / Tiny Rebel Games

And here's how cool artist Mike Collins drew it!

The game's coming for mobiles and PCs in Spring. That's good, because there won't be a new TV episode of Doctor Who until NEXT AUTUMN!!!

That's next autumn!!!!

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