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These Animals Love Surfing!

These rad animals totally know the best way to keep cool in the summer! Surf's up, dawg!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:ย  August 1st 2017

We love these amazing animals!

Apart from cats, there's not many animals who don't love playing around in the waterCheck out these surfers with a difference โ€“ you'll see the coolest dogs, a cow and even a pig catching a sweet wave!

This bulldog knows how to surf!

See how they emerge from the waves like a total pro โ€“ is someone out there giving these cool pooches surfing lessons?

Topix Offbeat | YouTube

What's better than one dog surfing?

When there are five dogs surfing โ€“ but look at the chap in the middle! He doesn't seem bothered at all.He's probably wondering what to have for lunch. After all, surfing can build up a big appetite!

Topix Offbeat | YouTube

Is that... is that a cow?

Sure โ€“ but how did the cow get all the way out to sea? Did they rent a boat or did they swim out with their surfboard in their teeth?We've herd about this one โ€“ they moooove like a world champion surfer!

Topix Offbeat | YouTube

Check out this little dude!

It looks like they've been surfing a long time โ€“ see how confident they are on the waves!

Tower Life | YouTube

It's not just dogs and, erm, cows who enjoy surfing!

This pig loves going out to see with their pal! You could say they were... hogging the waves!

GoPro | YouTube