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These Goats Love Yoga – But What Other Sports Are Animals Into?

It looks like these baby goats are enjoying the benefits of yoga – but what other sports do our animal friends enjoy?

Beano Team
Last Updated:  December 21st 2021

Yoga with goats is a thing now, which made us wonder what other sports animals are into...

Wikimedia Commons | Beryl732

Baseball with cats

This cat was the star of last year’s World Series. Just kitten!

Weight training with horses

Lifting stuff has its benefits. After all, no pain, no grain.

Ryderwear |

Football with birds

This stork is usually placed in midfield, but prefers to play on the wing.

Running with snails

If you wear a shell suit, you’re always ready for an afternoon on the track.

Swimming with elephants

This splashy chap never forgets to pack his trunk…s.