These Goats Love Yoga – But What Other Sports Are Animals Into?

It looks like these baby goats are enjoying the benefits of yoga – but what other sports do our animal friends enjoy?

Yoga with goats is a thing now, which made us wonder what other sports animals are into...

Image by Wikimedia Commons | Beryl732

Baseball with cats

This cat was the star of last year’s World Series. Just kitten!

A cat playing baseball with a man

Weight training with horses

Lifting stuff has its benefits. After all, no pain, no grain.

A photograph of a horse in a gym

Football with birds

This stork is usually placed in midfield, but prefers to play on the wing.

A bird playing football

Running with snails

If you wear a shell suit, you’re always ready for an afternoon on the track.

A snail prepares to run on an athletics track

Swimming with elephants

This splashy chap never forgets to pack his trunk…s.

This is a photo of an elephant in a swimming pool

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