These Harry Potter Make Up Trends Are So Cool!

We love everything Harry Potter and these make up trends are right up our Diagon Alley! Do you think these trends are cool?

Years ago, the only kind of make up you could get was just one shade of lipstick and that was it.

Now, there’s thousands of different types of make-up: eyeshadows, blushers, foundation and mascaras.

You might have wandered around your local department store and thought, ‘What about some make-up for us Harry Potter fans? How can I create some awesome Hogwarts nail art?'

Check out this Hogwarts themed nail art
Image by thepinkroomgreatsankey | Twitter

It’s time to stop wondering, as there’s make-up for muggles and non-muggles alike. What about some Hogwarts-themed eyeshadow? Tiny brushes that look like wands? Or even some delicious butter beer-scented lip balm?

Wingardium glamorosa! 

These make up brushes look like Harry Potter wands
Image by thelabelandluxe | Etsy

Which of the trends would you like to try?

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