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These Photo Tricks Will Confuse You!

Don't let your eyes deceive you – check out these amazing photos!

These Photo Tricks Will Confuse You!

Don’t let your eyes deceive you – check out these amazing photos!

We can’t get through the day without snapping some cool photos of random stuff, whether it’s our pet, friends or what we’re about to have for lunch

Sometimes, just sometimes, things will not appear as they seem, as these amazing shots show!

Where’s the other half of this dog?

It’s almost like this pooch is part-tree!

esquonk | reddit

This is so freaky!

How’s that chap holding on with his fingers and holding onto his bike at the same time? Talk about super-strength!

Endless_Vanity | reddit

Check out this giant dog!

How big would this good boy’s bag of treats be? Like a bin bag or something!

chicagothedog | imgur

Just a normal pic!

Aw, look at the cute baby. They seem very tall for their age. Wait… what?

Bindable Leaf | reddit

A very long cow just chillin’

By our estimation, that cow is at least 12 feet long. Wow!

stealinggreen | reddit

This one takes a while to work out!

It’s just a photo of a grumpy looking lady. She should get a dog, that’d cheer her up…

u:inu_yasha | reddit

Just a 2-headed (very cute) monster!

We don’t know which head to pet first

u:MericRL | reddit

Just an insect going about its day!

It looks massive – we bet the people working in that skyscraper had the fright of their lives!

HooptyDooDooMeister | reddit

A scary car-sized squirrel…

Or is it a tiny car? Either way, could you give us a lift please?

@boringenormous | Twitter

Nothing to see here…

Oh, it’s just a dog’s ear shaped like Donald Trump…

Lordfrezy | Pikabu