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Make-Up Trends | The Weirdest Trends Out There!

We've ranked the weirdest make up trends out there! You won't believe some of these!

10. Crown Eyelids

This one is actually quite cool!So sassy!But probably really hard to do…

9. Halo Brows

We just don’t get it!

8. Squiggle Brows

What’s so wrong with normal brows?!

7. Reverse Winged Eyeliner

It all looks fine…Until you realise it’s the wrong way round!

6. Mermaid nails

Cool!But how would you get anything done?!

5. Garden Brows

They look a bit mouldy!Pretty, but strange… PRETTY STRANGE!

4. Eyeball Nails

Now these are just gross! 

3. Shrek Make-Up

This is so weird!

2. Nails with Hair!

These are so creepy!Just no!

1. Optical Illusion Make-Up

Winner!This illusion artist’s make-up is so confusing!It doesn’t look real, but it’s all done with just make-up!