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Travel Jokes

Take a trip round the world with these awesome globetrotting gags!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:Β  January 11th 2022

Pack your bags - these funny travel jokes are all the holidays you need!

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I’d love to go to Holland one day...

...Wooden shoe?

A pair of Dutch wooden clogs, a laughing chicken and a pigeon

Why are mountains the funniest place to travel to?

Because they're hill areas!

Why do trains hum?

Because they don't know the words!

Where do bees go on their holidays?


A grinning bee wearing green sunglasses

Why do witches stay in 5 star hotels?

Because of the excellent broom service!

How do you know if an elephant loves to travel?

She always packs her trunk!

Elephant inside a royal suite

Where do sharks go on holiday?


Where do sheep go on vacation?

The baaaa-haamas!

Where do pepperonis go on holiday?

The Leaning Tower of Pizza!

Where does a cow stay when it's on vacation?

A mooooo-tel!

Why didn't Mr Krabs invite Sandy on holiday?

Because he's totally shellfish!

Where do cows go on vacation?

Moo York!


How do rabbits travel?

By Hare-oplane!

How do foxes travel?

Fur-st class!

What does a butcher do after travelling somewhere over a rainbow?

Weigh a pie!

What do you call a time-traveling cow?

Doctor Moo!

dr who jokes

Where do LEGO people go on holiday?

The Czech RepuBRICK!

travel jokes

Why is Peter Pan on the no-fly list?

Whenever he boards a plane it neverlands!

Who gets travel sick when he tries to destroy New York?

The Green Goblin!

What’s red, white and green?

Santa Claus when he’s travel sick!