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15 Ogrely Hilarious Troll Jokes!

Love trolls and ogres? Then check out these monstrously funny gags!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  February 4th 2022

Trolls come in many different forms. There are ones who mooch about underneath bridges, the cute and fluffy ones in films, and everything in between. We’ve rounded up the funniest jokes on the planet for this very special collection of monster mirth!

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Why did the troll army retreat?

They had been ogre run by the enemy!

Why was the troll late for school?

They had ogre slept!

An alarm clock

What do you call a goblin with a sprained ankle?

A hobblin’ goblin!

Which Troll character sounds like an old door?


Funny jokes

What did the troll say when they bumped into a friend on holiday?

“Small world!”

Bacon jokes

Why is it difficult to make jokes about trolls?

The jokes always go above their heads!

How do you cross a Middle Earth bridge?

You use J.R.R. Tokens!

How do you get past Shrek’s fence?

You climb ogre it!

One-liner jokes
One-liner jokes

How do you catch a troll?

Use click bait!

Internet Jokes

Which Trolls character can easily hide in a tree?


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How do you ruin a troll’s day?

Take away their internet access!

Toad jokes

How to get a troll to do chores?

Use a remote con-troll!

What is a troll’s favourite time of day?


What is Barb’s favourite type of music?

Rock n’ troll!

What you call a small monster wrapped in pastry?

A sausage troll!

A row of sausage rolls