Ultimate Champion: Beano Power Awards

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They've kept us entertained and kept our spirits up during a looong year, so it's no surprise to see YouTubers make the final list, but will they get your vote for Ultimate Champions of 2020?


Schools have been opened, schools have been shut, but despite all the openings and closings, teachers have been there for us, helping to keep us learning and keeping our spirits up! That definitely deserves a vote!


Dogs, cats, lizards, gerbils, guinea pigs - the list of pets is endless and whether your four-legged friend is furry, scaley, hairy or fishy, they've all been on hand to support us through a tough year. If you want to let them know how much they matter, give them your vote!


Mums, dads, uncles, aunties, grandparents - whoever has been looking after you throughout 2020, they definitely deserve some thanks and what better way to do that than giving them a Beano Power Award!

Health Workers

Doctors and nurses are always looking after us but this year more than most, they've been there for us. So we think showing them how grateful we are would be really cool!

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