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The Ultimate Chinese New Year Quiz!

Hooray for Chinese New Year! Let’s all get together, put some decorations up, light some lanterns, and bring in the new year, Chinese style. How much do you know about this awesome festival? Find out in our Chinese New Year Quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 1st 2022

Even if it’s not Chinese New Year, it’s always time for our Ultimate Chinese New Year Quiz!

1/10 A man pointing at a watch

When is the Chinese New Year?


2/10 Chinese New Year is based on the lunar calendar. What object in space does lunar refer to?


3/10 To celebrate the new year, Chinese families sometimes give out envelopes full of cash! What colour are the envelopes traditionally?


Chinese New Year is famous for fireworks. Apart from the fact that they are awesome, why do are fireworks fired at Chinese New Year?

5/10 A grossed out person

What might you find in a dumpling at Chinese New Year?


2022 is the Chinese year of the what? CLUE: It’s a big cat that can be found in China!


2023 is the Chinese year of which burrowing mammal?

8/10 A unicorn

2024 is the Chinese year of which mythical creature often associated with Chinese culture?


Which of these isn’t an animal on the Chinese calendar?


Which of these animals doesn’t have a year on the Chinese calendar?

Epic! You know loads about Chinese New Year!

Not bad! You know a bit about Chinese New Year.

Fail. You know nothing about Chinese New Year!