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The Ultimate Cricket Quiz 2021!

How much have you been paying attention to the exciting world of cricket in 2021? Test your knowledge now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  October 3rd 2021

What an exciting year for cricket! There's been fantastic county cricket action, One Day Internationals, Test matches, The Hundred and more! And with any game of this blam-itude, there's always loads of statistics to study once the last cricket player has walked off the pitch.

How much have you been paying attention to the tiny details that make cricket so awesome? Let's find out as we bowl 20 questions right at you!

1/20 A cricket player hitting a ball

Which English county cricket player scored the most runs in 2021?

2/20 A wicket hitting the stumps

Which English county cricket player took 63 wickets in 2021?

3/20 A cricket team celebrating

Which bowler picked up the most Test wickets in 2021, with a tally of 71?

4/20 A cricket bowler throwing a ball into the air

Which Pakistan bowler came second with 37 wickets?

5/20 A cricket player celebrating a good score

Who won the 2021 Test Championship?

6/20 A sad cricket player

Who did they beat by eight wickets?

7/20 A batsman about to hit a cricket ball

Which player scored the most runs in one county cricket match in 2021?

8/20 A Yorkshire cricket player

Can you name the Yorkshire player who made the most catches during the 2021 county cricket season?

9/20 A cricket player making a catch

How many did he make?

10/20 A game of cricket

Which Surrey player scored the most 50s during the 2021 season?

11/20 An umpire signalling a six

Which Kent player hit 25 sixes in 2021?

12/20 A cricket player running into the crease

Who scored most runs in Twenty20 in 2021?

13/20 A cricket ball resting on a cricket bat

Who was the highest rated batsman in One Day Internationals in 2021?

14/20 ICC Women’s Player of the Month for August 2021

Who was ICC Women’s Player of the Month for August 2021?

15/20 A Brisbane Heat player

Who is the top One Day International bowler in women's cricket?

16/20 A cricket bat and ball

Which country were ranked first in the Test Team rankings in May 2021?

17/20 A fielder making a catch during a game of cricket

What about the One Day International rankings?

18/20 The England cricket badge

Where are England placed in the ICC Men's T20I rankings as of May 2021?

19/20 A trophy being held aloft on a sunny day

Which women's team won The Hundred competition in 2021?

20/20 A cricket team high-fiving

Which men's team won The Hundred in 2021?

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