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The Treemendous, Ultimate Rainforest Quiz

How much do you know about Rainforests? Take this awesome quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 2nd 2022

Rainforests are under threat! It’s worrying because they’re treemendously important to Earth, providing habitat to a diverse range of creatures and absorbing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere like a giant, green sponge! Quite simply, they’re amazoning! We wood like to find out, how much do you know about the treemendous rainforest! Complete this test to see if you can emerge from the undergrowth to the the very top of the rainforest canopy!


Where is the world’s biggest rainforest?


Where do rainforests grow?


What is this rainforest creature?


In which continent’s rainforest would you find this Gorilla?


5/10 Which of these hairy beasts live in the Chinese Bamboo Rainforests?


Some rainforest plants root in the ground and climb up around trees to reach the sunlight. Sometimes they hang like ropes from the jungle canopy. What word describes this type of growth?


What type of carnivorous plant is this?


What type of monkey is this?


9/10 Which of these cats doesn’t live in a rainforest?


In which continent’s rainforest do these Orang-utans live?

Detritus Level! Your knowledge of the rainforest is as low as the millions of different organisms that thrive on the rainforest floor eating dead things. We could pick anything from termites to fungi, but we’ve decided to be nice and say you are a beetle grub!

Undergrowth Level! You’re knowledge has reached as high as the rainforest undergrowth. Not great, but at least you’re above the damp and gloomy forest floor. You’re basically at the same height as an Amazon rainforest-dwelling Tapir!

Canopy Level! Your knowledge of the rainforest has grown like the 30 metre high Barrigona (pot-bellied) palm whose fruits are enjoyed by animals like toucans, tapirs and the one we’re assigning to you, the spider monkey!

Emergent Level! Being an expert we’re aware you know that the very tall trees that emerge from the rainforest canopy are known as emergents. They’re as high as your rainforest quiz score. Well done. You soar above your rivals like a Harpy Eagle (we just hope you don’t eat sloths like they do!)