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The Ultimate Renju Quiz!

Think you’re something of a Renju expert? Test your trivia with this blam quiz!

YouTuber Renju has shot to online fame with his streaming videos over the last 12 months. How much do you know about this mysterious gamer?

1/12 Among Us
Among Us | InnerSloth

Let's start with the easiest question ever asked in the history of quizzes. What game does Renju play the most?

2/12 A person standing in front of a red and white flag

What does 'renju' mean in Japanese?

3/12 People playing VR games

What did Renju wish he was good at in 2021?


In April 2021, how many people subscribed to Renju's YouTube channel?

5/12 A screenshot of Renju's YouTube videos
Renju | YouTube

Which of the following is his most popular YouTube video as of May 2021?

6/12 A scene from a Renju YouTube video
Renju | YouTube

Which of the following is a real Renju video title?

7/12 The Sidemen
@sidemen | YouTube

On his video 'DM'ing 100 YouTubers Until They Give Me Their Fortnite Account', which member of the Sidemen did he message?

8/12 A bar of soap

Renju often tweets that he's 'washed'? What does that mean?

9/12 Team Sonic Racing
Sega | Sumo Digital | Hardlight

He posted his first video the same month as Team Sonic Racing was released. True or false?

10/12 Naruto
Naruto | Pierrot | Disney XD / Toonami

Which Manga classic did Renju used to watch?

11/12 Renju with a YouTube plaque
@renjufortnite | Instagram

According to Renju's YouTube channel, what does he do, exactly?

12/12 A Fortnite squad
Fortnite | Epic Games

Which of the following is not part of Renju's squad?

Result: Oh no
@rennjuu | Twitter

Oh no! Better luck next time!

Result: Good try
@rennjuu | Twitter

Good try! Why not have another go soon?

Result: Great work
@rennjuu | Twitter

Great work! You know a fair bit about this rising YouTube star!

Result: Wow
@rennjuu | Twitter

Wow! You know everything there is to know about Renju!

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