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The Ultimate True Friendship Quiz

Somewhere out there is your perfect BFF. But who are they? And what do they do? Take this extra-silly true friendship quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  December 23rd 2021

There are over 7 billion people on Earth, so you can be sure that everyone has the perfect friend out there somewhere. Who are they? Have you met them already? You'd better take this quiz to help narrow down the search!

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How long have you known your best friend?


What kind of things do you like doing with your best friend?


Your best friend is...


Life before you met your best friend was.... what?


What is your best friend's favourite food?

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Would you trust your best friend with your biggest secrets?


What your favourite thing about your best friend?


You and your BFF's relationship is...


What was the last present your best friend gave you?

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Your best friend is...

Your best friend is your dog!

They're called man's best friend for a reason! A pooch makes the perfect best friend for you, as they're always loyal and are very relaxed. Just remember to take them for walks!

Your best friend is your granny!

Your best friend is your grandmother! And with a granny like yours, theres no better bessie!

Your best friend is still out there waiting to meet you!

You still haven't met our best friend! Which is totally fine - in fact, it's pretty exciting because they could turn out to be ANYONE. They could be a chef, a scientist, or the President of some tiny country nobody has ever heard of. The last one isn't very likely, but maybe!

Your best friend is an octopus!

You don't have much in common with other humans, so you prefer the highly intelligent, squashy undersea world of the octopus! Not what you were expecting? Have another go - but don't knock the octopus BFF til you've tried it!