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Ultimate Wimbledon Quiz 2022

How much do you know about Wimbledon 2022? Smash this quiz like a tame lob!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 25th 2022

It’s nearly time for the world’s most famous tennis tournament, and are you ready to join the ranks of Andy Murray, Serena Williams, Roger Federer as champions of Winmbledon? Yes. it’s time to pick up your racket, put on your sweat bands and get ready for the match of your life! Can you win Wimbledon 2022 by returning this volley of tough tennis questions, or will you end up with love points?


What sport is played at Wimbledon?


2/10 In which city is Wimbledon held?


What surface is Wimbledon played on?


Who won the womens Wimbledon in 2021?


Who won the men’s Wimbledon in 2021?


Who is top seed in the women’s Wimbledon in 2022?


Who is the top seed in the mens Wimbledon in 2022?

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8/10 What snack is Wimbledon famous for?

9/10 Sidney and Toots

Who won the mixed doubles in 2021?

10/10 Emma Raducanu in a black polo shirt
@emmaraducanu | Instagram

Who is the top ranked British women’s player for Wimbledon 2022?

Double Fault! Oh no! Your serves gone out. TWICE! You need to take a deep breath, compose yourself and have another go! Don’t worry, even Emma Raducanu makes mistakes!

Game Point! Good Work. Some solid ralleys have given you the edge over your opponent! Now the final push… Have another go and see if you can win the Final!

Match Point! Expert racket work means you’ve almost won the final! Have another go to see if you can claim Wimbledon 2022!

Game, Set and Championship! You’re a tennis ACE! You know so much about Wimbledon, you’re walking away with the trophy and a lifetimes supply of strawberries and cream. Jolly good show!