Harry Potter Wands | The Ultimate Quiz

They're more than just magic sticks, they might just save your life one day! So test your knowledge on this important subject and take the quiz!

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Wands at the ready? Let's go!

What core does Harry Potter’s wand have?

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Which wand is the most powerful?

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You have to fight a dragon! What's the best wand for a warrior like you?

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You need a new wand and you keep losing yours. Which wand is the most loyal?

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I want a wobbly-wobbly wand! Which wood is the most bendy?

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You discover pieces of a broken wand hidden in a pink umbrella. Who do you think it belongs to?

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It's a wand-erful world

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Hermione Granger has asked you to fetch her wand from Gryffindor. What's it made from?

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Whose wand was broken by a centaur's hoof in the Forbidden Forest?

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You're friend is buying their first wand. Which wand should they choose?

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How many wands has Ron Weasley broken so far?

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Darth Vader reckons his lightsaber would beat Dumbledore's Elder wand every time. Is he right?

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Is unicorn hair good for your wand?

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Can you name a good wand shop?

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Dennis needs a new wand as Gnasher keeps gnawing his. Which wand wood would be the most gnash-proof?

I snapped my wand! What's the best way to fix it?

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Can I borrow your wand? I want to scratch my back!

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Can you name the most mischievous wood to make wands from?

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I'm going on holiday! What's a good wand to take with me?

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Who made the only wand with a basilisk horn?

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