Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! The Best Tricks and Trip-ups from Beanotown Skatepark

Straight from Beanotown Park, Dennis and the gang show off their best (and worst) skateboarding skills!

Beanotown park is an extremely awesome place to be, right?

Dennis, Rubi, JJ, and Pieface are big fans

Gnasher watches

Who doesn't love a good half-pipe?

The gang isn't too shabby when it comes to showing off!

Rubi is flippin' good!

Rubi knows how to move!

But Dennis is more daring...

The Switch 720 with a Blam Cuppa Tea - classic Dennis!

Switch 720 with a Blam Cuppa Tea

A little TOO daring!

Dennis goes downhill - fast!

Look out below!

Look out below, Dennis!

And mind that mini-roundabout...

...too late!

Stuck on the roundabout

Ouch. That's gotta hurt!

Dennis has a hard landing

Yikes. At least he's back on solid ground.

He'll be back to normal in no time!

Dennis is looking bamboozled

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