Vote Now - Head2Head: Sidney vs Toots

Who will win - Sidney or Toots?

Last week, you chose Sidney and Toots to go Head2Head!

Make sure you've had your say on all of our Head2Head polls so far!

Sidney Stripes or Toots's too?

Whose blue stripes are better?

Sidney and Toots the twin footie fans

Which twin would you pick for your footie team?

Karate Kick or Ceiling Swing

Whose special move is more destructive?

Toots's Bow - Yes or No?

Toots's bow - is it a fashion must-have or even worse than Sidney's season's smelly socks?

No Brother's Allowed Bedroom? Or the Pet Animal Paradise?

Which twin has the better bedroom?


Who do YOU want to go Head2Head next week?

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