Vote Now - Head2Head: Sidney vs Toots

Who will win - Sidney or Toots?

Last week, you chose Sidney and Toots to go Head2Head!

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Head2Head - Toots v Sidney
Sidney Stripes or Toots's too?

Whose blue stripes are better?

Sidney and Toots the twin footie fans

Which twin would you pick for your footie team?

Head2Head - Toots v Sidney, the Karate Kick or Ceiling Swing

Whose special move is more destructive?

Toots's Bow - Yes or No?

Toots's bow - is it a fashion must-have or even worse than Sidney's season's smelly socks?

Head2Head - Toots v Sidney - No Brother's Allowed Bedroom? Or the Pet Animal Paradise?

Which twin has the better bedroom?

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