Vote now - Rubi and JJ go Head2Head!

Who will win - Rubi or JJ?

Last week, you chose Rubi and JJ to go Head2Head!

Did you miss out on having your say with Dennis versus Roger? Check it out!

Last Week's Head2Head

Now it's your turn to VOTE!

Who's got a better set of wheels?

Who's got a better set of wheels?

Which gadget is better?

The tablet or the grappling hook?

Do you prefer playing sports or experimenting with science?

Science or sports?

What's cooler - drums or synth?

Deafening drums or psychedelic synths?

Who is better at putting a stop to Walter's schemes?

Stopping Walter!

Check back next week to see who will be declared the winner!

Who do you want to go Head2Head next week?

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