Vote! Which Cool Food Would You Eat?

Six options... but which will you choose? Take a look at these funny foods and pick your favourite!

How about some Jabbacado toast?

Jabbacado toast
Image by

This fruity frog?

Frog made of fruit
Image by @sabine_kidslunch | Instagram

Maybe you'd like this SpongeBob sushi?

SpongeBob style sushi
Image by @jay20090821 | Instagram

Or perhaps these eight-legged pancakes are right for you?

Octopus pancakes
Image by @creativejennyius | Instagram

Would you say "Yes please!" to this grilled cheese?

Smiling grilled cheese toastie
Image by Amazon

Or would you rather just eat this parsnip?

Smiling parsnip
Image by @berit_steen | Instagram

So, which dish would you pick?

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