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Want To Eggs-press Yourself? This Fantastic Fried Egg Art Will Give You Some Ideas

Are you an Egg-vard Munch or a Francis Bacon? Whatever, if you're in need of a laugh this Easter, these eggy creations will crack you up

It’s Easter and no doubt you’re stuffed full of eggs. Go on, admit it, there’s chocolate all round your mouth and everything!

Anyway, the last thing you probably want now is more eggs. But trust us, these eggs are different. How different? Like, really different!

The eggs we’re talking about are the cool creations of Instagram artist The Eggs-hibit and he’s come up with some amazing (and egg-stremely edible) Easter artwork.

A Death Star shaped fried egg – perfect for any hungry Star Wars fan!
the_eggshibit | Instagram

Some eggs are Star Wars-shaped, some have a Hogwarts flavour but the one thing they all have in common is they were cooked in a frying pan!

This Hogwarts-themed fried egg will go down a treat with any Harry Potter fan

So if you’re bored of Easter Bunnies and want to know how to eggs-press yourself artistically, you’ve come to the right place…