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5 Weird Facts from Gravity Falls

Fresh from the Mystery Shack

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  October 13th 2022

1. Gravity Fall is inspired by a town called Boring

Creator Alex Hirsch says Gravity Falls was inspired by the cheesy tourist attractions around Oregon, USA, including a local town called Boring

2. 618 is the secret number

The number 618 comes up a lot and is actually the birthday of creator Alex Hirsch and his twin sister Ariel. They were the inspiration for Dipper and Mabel.

3. There's a secret message in every episode

Lots of the hidden messages can then be solved by swapping out different letters in the alphabet. Messages include 'whatevs', 'happy now, Ariel?' and to 'game is over and I won'.

4. No one knows Dipper's real name

Dipper gets his nickname from a birthmark but his real name is still a mystery. One writer has joked that it’s Llominic, like the name Dominic meets Llama. But in one episode he’s referred to as Roderick.

5. The Mystery Wheel at the end

At the end of each episode there's a wheel with 10 images around the edge. 8 of these are about different characters in the show but there's also a picture of an open bag of ice and a llama, which no one is sure what they mean! 


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