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What Colour is Your Aura? The Quiz

Red? Blue? Purple? Take this test to find out what colour you aura is, and what it might say about your personality!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  February 17th 2022

What do your aura say about you? What’s an aura anyway? Well, whatever that floaty halo of... stuff that hangs around you is, you can find out what colour it is by taking this quiz!

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1/10 A person marking important dates on their wall calendar

What's your favourite time of year?

2/10 Fish finger sandwich

What was the last thing you ate?

3/10 Camels in the Gobi desert
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Where would you rather go on holiday?

4/10 Artist on a red and yellow background

Which of these is most important?

5/10 A bat

Pick one!

6/10 A llama waiting for a coach

You just missed your bus and there isn't another for an hour! What do you do?


Pick a hobby:

8/10 A table of people drawing up plans for something

How much do you plan things?

9/10 A woman jogging along a street

Which of these outfits would you rather wear?

10/10 An alarm clock

What time do you wake up?

Result: blue

Your aura is blue!

Oooooooh nice! Your aura is a calming, peaceful blue glow. This could mean you're a very relaxed, kind person with a cool head and a confident attitude. You don't mind following rules as long as they're sensible, and you don't like risky stuff. Or it could just mean you like blueberries. It's hard to tell!

Result: yellow

Your aura is yellow!

Your aura is a cheerful shade of yellow! This could mean you're a happy-go-lucky, jolly kind of person, who always listens to others and has a great idea for how to make boring things fun. You don't mind breaking rules sometimes to get what you want, but never in a mean way. Sound about right?

Result: red

Your aura is red!

Your aura is a fiery, glowing red! This might mean you've got an enthusiastic, passionate kind of personality. And maybe a bit of a temper to boot! You're very happy breaking rules and doing what you want, but you still know right from wrong. You also definitely know how to have a good time!

Result: dark purple

Your aura is dark purple!

This is a very unusual aura! It's almost black and more like a shadow, and might mean that you do things totally differently. It's not a evil thing, but it could be that you're into spooky stuff like Halloween and creepy crawlies! You're a very creative person and your favourite hobbies are anything messy or arty. Sound about right?