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What Fidget Toy Should I Get? Quiz

Here's a special quiz which will determine which fidget toy will be most fun for you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 6th 2021

There's all sorts of fidget toys out there and some of you will already have your favourites, like the legendary spinner or the Pop It. But what if you're new to the fidget toy scene? We've devised a fun personality test which will determine which one is right for you. Are you ready?

1/12 A person playing video games

What do you like to do after school?

2/12 A dinosaur playing football at the park

What's your favourite thing to do at the park?

3/12 A pizza with a bad attitude

What sort of pizza do you fancy right now?

4/12 Hands raised in a classroom

What's your favourite subject at school?

5/12 A woman thinking about stuff

What sort of things do you think about when a lesson is really boring?

6/12 A dog at a cinema

What kind of films do you like to watch?

7/12 A delicious Sunday dinner

What's the best thing about Sunday dinner?

8/12 A group of friends

How would your friends describe you?

9/12 A confused man

Do you like puzzles?

10/12 A dog attempting to walk in two  pairs of new shoes

Do you have a preferred shoe to put on first?

11/12 A man listening to music

What sort of music makes up the majority of your playlists?

12/12 A selection of artist materials

If you were asked to draw or paint a picture, what would you do?

Fidget Cube

Fidget Cube!

If you enjoy clicking small buttons and twirling miniature dials, you're best off with a fidget cube. They won't take up any space in your backpack and very satisfying to play with.

Pop It

Pop It!

If you like bubble wrap but find yourself running out of bubbles in a short while, the Pop It toy is awesome as these bubbles never ever run out! Once you've popped the sheet of bubbles, turn it over and you can begin again!

Fidget spinner

Fidget Spinner!

This is the legendary fidget toy, which invented by Catherine Hettinger in the 1990s! Place it between your finger and thumb, give it a spin and watch it go.

Bubble wrap

Bubble Wrap!

Bubble wrap is the original fidget toy, if you think about it! Popping those bubbles is so satisfying! But be careful not to pop them too quickly or you'll run out! And don't forget to check if anyone was planning to post a fragile item using this bubbly sheet of fun!

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