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What Fidget Toy Should I Get? Quiz

Fidget Toys are awesome, fidgety little things that grown-ups look at and say "What on Earth is that for? I simply don't understand why you would pay good money for something that doesn't do anything?" But what do they know? Fidget Toys are taking over the world and giving the kids of today something to fidget with. Did you know there was also a Fidget Spinner World Cup? We didn't!!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  July 1st 2021

So if you're thinking about which Fidget Toy to fidget with next, you should definitely take a second to stop fidgeting with your current Fidget Toy and do our What Fidget Toy Should I Get Next? Quiz!


What subject do you like most at School?


What's your favourite computer game?

3/12 A pointing finger

What feels best?


Pick your favourite thing from this list?


5/12 Choose a colour

6/12 Big nose jokes page thumbnail

What do you do when you fidget?


How tidy is your room?


What's your favourite from this list?


9/12 What's your favourite African animal?


10/12 What's your favourite Amazon Rainforest creature?


What is your favourite shape?


12/12 Very scientific last question: What is your favourite fruit?

Infinity Cube

Your highly scientific test results indicate that you would be well suited to the clicking, rotating and pure mathematical joy of an awesome Infinity Cube. The Minecraft of Fidget Toys!

Fidget Spinner

You're one free spinning dude, set you off an you'll go forever, just like a Fidget Spinner.


You're a positive human. Even when you take a knock, you'll be able to pop back into shape just like a Pop-It. This is the fidget toy that suits you most of all!

Crazy Aarons Putty

You don't mind getting a bit sticky now and then, especially when it's in the pursuit of science. That's why we're recommending this slime based Fidget Toy, Crazy Aaron's Putty!