What Happens Next in Harry Potter?

How well do you know what happens at Hogwarts? Test your spell-smarts with this tricky wizards quiz...

We all know Hogwarts, but do we know as much as we think we do?

For instance, what happens when Snape finishes teaching the Dark Arts? Does he run a nice, hot bath and unwind? 

And what about when Dumbledore has the weekend to himself? Does he go to the garden centre or taker a trip to B&Q to buy a new plunger for the toilet? (You know how blocked the loos get at Hogwarts, what with all the troll bogies being flushed and all).

But whatever those wizards do, we've got a few questions for you to try in order to see how much you know about Harry Potter and his pals.

The Weasley twins

Fred and George are always up to mischief. In fact, so much mischief, it's hard to remember how much trouble they've got into!

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Hermione's no trouble-maker but that doesn't mean she doesn't get herself into scrapes sometimes. But can you remember what they were?

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Ah, Hagrid. Such a peaceful giant but does that mean he keeps out of trouble? Of course not, especially when there's dragons involved.

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