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Try This Tuneful What Song Am I Quiz!

Sick of not knowing what song is ACTUALLY you all over? Click here and find out... the answer may confuse you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  April 8th 2023

Are you into pop? Rock? Classical? Electronic? Nerdcore? Reggaeton? Baroque orchestral dub-sludge? The number of different things you COULD be into is pretty bewildering... and it's hurting our heads just thinking about it. In fact - you might not even know what music is made for you! But no need to fear, another of our amazing and informative personality quizzes is here!

That's right, just answer these questions and we'll tell you EXACTLY what perfect music for you is!

Ready to find out? We certainly are!


Where would you rather be?


You like music that's... what?


How do you feel right now?


Do you dance?


If you could be any animal, what would it be?


Your favourite instrument is...


Your favourite music makes you think of... what?


Do you like electronic music?


Do you know all the words to your favourite song?


Can you hum a bit of it now?

@Lizzo Music | Youtube

You're "Juice" by Lizzo!

You're fresh and fashionable, with a sense of humour and an absolutely slappin' chorus! Your kind of music is definitely party music, and you love singalongs and dancing on top of tables. Good choice! If you'd rather be a different song though, you can always have another go at this quiz!

You're Flight of the Bumblebee!

You're a classical piece... but one that's fast and pretty fun to listen to. This song would also make a good backing track to a comedy movie. Or one about bees, obviously. Maybe a comedy about bees? Someone get Hollywood on the phone! This is gold!

You're 10 hours of vuvuzelas on Youtube!

Ok, you're not even music! But kind of a song in the loosest possible sense... you're a 10 hour compilation of people blowing those plastic horns at football stadiums. Because you know, for when 8 hours of vuvuzelas just isn't quite enough. Would you rather be a different song? We don't blame you! Have another go at this quiz!

You're "Taxidermied Devil Badger" by "Servants of GRNUUUURGH"

Right ok... you're a terrifying 13-minute grindcore slam track by satanic sludge metallers Servants of GRNUUUURGH. Coming from Wigan and with a reputation for doing things too scary and gross to be mentioned on a kid-friendly website (like putting mustard on their mum's toothbrush), Servants of GRNUUUURGH are totally made up unfortunately. But bands like this do exist! We'll leave you to look them up in your own time!