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What Would Be Your Position In A K-Pop Group?

Which role suits you best in the world of K Pop? Find out now with this awesome K Pop quiz! Answer some questions about what you like, and we'll tell you your ideal place in the band!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  June 16th 2022

Do you know what your K-Pop group role would be? Well, it's time to find out! Answer some K-Pop questions and we'll calculate exactly what part you'd play in your very own K-Pop group! Will you be the leader? Or maybe the rapper? There's only one way to know for sure! Good luck!

1/10 BTS
BTS | Dynamite | Big Hit, Columbia, Sony Music | David Stewart, Jessica Agombar | Yong-seok Choi

Choose a K Pop boy band

Blackpink | Ice Cream | YG, Interscope | Selena Gomez, Tommy Brown, Ariana Grande, 24, Steven Franks | Seo Hyun-seung

Choose a K Pop girl group

3/10 Woman singing with Beano cat

How well can you sing?

4/10 Map with question marks

Pick a country

5/10 K Pop boy with yellow splat

What genre of song do you like best?


How well can you dance?

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7/10 Choose a K Pop rapper

8/10 Two friends with splats

What part do you play in your group of friends?

9/10 Destiny's Child
Destiny's Child | Survivor | Columbia | BeyoncΓ© Knowles, Anthony Dent, Mathew Knowles | Darren Grant

Choose a 90s band

10/10 Two friends singing together

What do your friends come to you for?

Leader result


You're the leader! You have everything it takes to be the front of an awesome K Pop band! You're smart, quick thinking, good at singing and a natural leader!

Rapper result


You're the Rapper! You're a real wordsmith and you love to stand out from the crowd, so you'll be the one dropping verses while everyone else is dancing!

Choreo result


You're the choreographer! You're the best dancer in the group, and your skills mean you get to design all your own moves! The band would totally fall apart without you!

Maknae result


You're the Maknae! That means you're the baby of the group - you're the youngest and least experienced, but it doesn't mean you're not ready to learn! Maybe one day you'll be the leader, but for now you're happy where you are!