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What’s Lapland Really Like?

A helpful guide to the most Christmassy place on Earth

Beano Team
Last Updated:  December 24th 2016

Everyone knows Father Christmas is from the North Pole but he gets his reindeer from Lapland. It's the northern part of Finland, Norway, Sweden and a little bit of Russia. Turns out there are some quite cool things there!

Northern lights

The Northern Lights are easy to see that far north and are made by solar wind hitting the Earth's atmosphere. It's a bit like a giant rainbow...FROM OUTER SPACE. oooooooooooooooooooh aaaaaaaaaaaah

The Sami people

There are no elves in Lapland (they're all at the North pole) but the Sami people live there. As well as speaking a really cool sounding language, the Sami live in tipis like the Native Americans and spend most of their time herding reindeer.

King crabs

This is something Christmas isn't usually known for, but there are plenty of them in Lapland. It's the King Crab - one of the biggest crabs in the world!  Ho ho ho!


Ok these guys are bit more festive than giant crabs and there's around half a million of them in Lapland. Did you know a day-old reindeer calf can run faster than an adult man? They can fly as well, but everyone knows that.