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Which Animal Crossing Character Are You?

Find out which Animal Crossing character you are in this awesome quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 9th 2022
1/8 Wood background

Choose a texture

2/8 Horse

Choose a mode of transport

3/8 Treehouse

Choose a house

4/8 Gardening

Choose a chore

5/8 Garden

Choose a style of garden

6/8 Frog

Choose an animal

7/8 Pumpkin patch

Choose a vegetable to grow 

8/8 Beach

Choose an area to live

Iggly result
Animal Crossing | Nintendo


You're Iggly! You're very competitive and love trying to beat people in games and sport! But you're fun and friendly. And you're a penguin. 

Tom Nook Result
Animal Crossing | Nintendo

Tom Nook

You're Tom Nook! You have your own business and you're a natural leader. Some people think you're a bit greedy, but you're also generous and a good friend!

Celeste result
Animal Crossing | Nintendo


You're Celeste! You're smart and hardworking. You can be a bit shy and flustered sometimes, but you're friendly and care about others! 

Isabelle result
Animal Crossing | Nintendo


You're Isabelle! Everyone wants to be your friend, and you love working hard at your passions. Sometimes you're a little bit clumsy, but you wouldn't change for the world! 

Camofrog result


You're Camofrog! Probably, it's kinda hard to see you...Sometimes you can be a bit grumpy and prefer your own company, but you've got your own special qualities that other people can't always see! Because, y'know, of the camouflage...